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Do You Want to Import Furniture Through Proven China Sourcing Companies? This is How to Do It

by Kaylee
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Whether you are interested to set up your furniture business, setting up your new office, or buying a new home, you may look for buying new furniture.

By looking around in the market, you can come across many suppliers of good quality furniture.

China can be one of the proven sources to buy furniture at very attractive prices. You may come across several proven China sourcing companies that especially deal with furniture only. In China, the entire cities are dedicated for manufacturing only furniture.

Advantages of buying furniture from China?

China is famous for offering almost any goods at a cheaper price with a reasonably good quality and furniture is also not an exception.

There are a few important benefits that you get if you select a few proven China sourcing companies to buy your furniture.

  1. You can save your money

If you decide to buy furniture in bulk from China for your office setup or doing furniture business then you can save a lot of money.

  1. You can buy top-quality furniture accessories

Try to buy from a whole seller rather than a retail shop, where you can get top quality furniture accessories at very attractive cost.

  1. You will get warranties

If you buy from a wholesale dealer in China then it will be completely insured and your dealer will be ready to replace if any defects are noticed in the supply.

  1. Shipping costs are also much lower

While buying your furniture from a wholesale dealer, your shipping cost will be much cheaper.

  1. The products will arrive quickly

You need not wait much longer if you have selected any proven China sourcing companies to buy your furniture at wholesale.

How to import furniture from China?

  1. Research and identify your potential suppliers

There are many sources available to find a few reliable sources for furniture in China such as:

  • Online directories
  • Trade shows
  • Your own industry contacts.
  1. Contact and negotiate

Try to contact a few of your shortlisted suppliers and check their catalogues and prices. Try to know how will they ship them and negotiate the payment terms.

  1. Monitor the production process

After placing your order, you must regularly follow up your supplier while the production is going on and know the progress so that you can ensure delivery well in time.

  1. Quality assurance

It will be better to get a few samples at your location and evaluate their quality to know whether you will prefer to buy them or not. You must also know how they manufacture and check the quality.

  1. Arrange shipping and logistics

Depending upon your requirement and budget you can decide whether to do air shipment, rail shipment or shipping through sea. You also plan how will you do custom clearance.

  1. Compliance and documentation

Be aware of all steps needed to import furniture in your country and make all the required documentations ready as needed to import furniture into your own country.

  1. Payment and contracts

You must have agreed terms and conditions for payments and adhere to your commitment to your supplier accordingly.

  1. Customs clearance and delivery

Discuss with your freight forwarder so that he can arrange to clear from customs and your final delivery can be done to reach your premises.

  1. Marketing and sales

If your intention is to sell the furniture in your own country then start marketing for your business to boost your sales.

  1. After-sales support

You must also have a clear plan in place how will you offer after-sales support to the furniture that you will sell.

Importing furniture from proven China sourcing companies is a rewarding experience, however, you must plan it well. Follow the above steps so that you can get the benefits of importing furniture from China market.

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