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5 Best Gifting Plants That Require Almost No Care Yet Are Budget-Friendly

by Kaylee
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Choosing a gift is an uphill task when you are planning to gift your loved one’s plant. If you are confused about what are the different plants that require minimum care and come within your budget and that you can give your beloved ones, then go through the below list of plants and choose the best plants for the dearest and nearest ones.

The gifting plant is the best idea because greenery always mesmerizes people. A plant is the best gift for a person and a small contribution towards nature. There are many reasons why plants are the best meaningful gift for plants.

Plants are good for one’s health, purify the air, absorb negativity, and it decorates your living space. Get ready to gift a plant to your loved ones from the below list so that they can deck up every corner of their living.

1] Money Plant

Money plant is the best plant you can gift to anyone on their special occasion so that they can decorate their walls and balconies. The money plant symbols luck and wealth. Giving a money plant will be the best idea so that they can change the look of the walls they love the most. Receivers don’t have to take much care as it only needs a splash of water and lots of love.

2] Jade Plant

Jade Plant signifies good luck and prosperity. You can give to your family, friends, or any other acquaintances to whom you want to wish good fortune and wealth. You can buy terrarium plant hangers or ceramic pots for the jade plant decoration. It only needs indirect sunlight and water once a week for its healthy growth, so receivers do not have to spend much time caring for it. Also,  it will sit pretty wherever it got placed on a tabletop, kitchen window, guest room mount, etc.

3] Ficus Bonsai Plant

Ficus Bonsai Plant is yet another plant that you can gift to your loved ones that will help them to make happy corners or a Zen garden in their home. Ficus bonsai plants are known for their aerial roots and oval-shaped leaves. Because of its short height, it is an attention-grabbing plant. Caring for this plant is easy as you can water it if the soil gets dry.

4] Desert Rose

Desert Rose is the best flowering plant and perfect for giving the person you love the most. In this plant, beautiful deep red colors flower blooms. Without keeping a second thought in your mind, you can gift them a Desert Rose plant that will decorate their bedroom or any other part of their house. You don’t have to think about caring for and pruning this plant as this Desert Rose requires fewer cares and indirect sunlight & also comes within your budget.

5] Snake Plant

Snake Plant is another amazing plant for gifts to your closest ones as it requires less care and purifies the air during the day and at night and filters the toxicants from the air. Snake plant boosts the mental health of the individual, and it is very effective in allergies. This is the best plant through which you can uplift the living space of your closet.

To Wrap Up

The nurseries and online gifting plant collections are widely spread with varieties, out of which we have mentioned the top most plants above that require almost no care. Apart from it, you can go with Succulents, Hanging Roses, Poinsettia plants, and Kalanchoe plants to gift your loved ones. Giving plants to someone is a contribution to nature that you are doing unknowingly. So, this time, if you receive an invitation to attend the party, you must choose the best plants for your dearest ones to bring a smile to their face and for spreading greenery in the earth.