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Quick Tips to Avoid Winter Pests

by Kaylee
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Many people look forward to the winter holidays to get cozy inside and enjoy the warmth of the fireplace with their loved ones. Is there a better feeling than snuggling up in a throw blanket and enjoying winter snacks?

Oh, wait, what is that, a spider on the kitchen countertop? There might also be bugs underneath your bed. This is alarming – winter pests are always alarming. So, if you want to enjoy the warmth and comfort of your house, you will want to opt for residential pest control services to ensure that pests don’t keep lurking around, getting cozy in the nooks and corners of your house, and dying after laying thousands of eggs.

The best way pests, such as roaches and spiders, to survive the cold winter season is by finding shelter in your house, which is why you need to ensure that they don’t find an entry point to your house in the first place.

Here are some preventive measures you can take to avoid seeing pests in your house.

Seal Doors & Windows

Even before the winter season kicks in, you will want to inspect your house from the inside out and focus on assessing cracks in the doors and windows. You will want to carefully examine the doors and windows, as the slightest cracks can serve as an easy pathway for bugs to enter your house.

In case of cracks, you will want to seal the doors and windows. For the doors, you can opt for installing a sturdy steel threshold underneath the door to seal the gap. To seal the gap between the door joints, you have the option of using a clear caulk.

If you frequently forget to close the doors, you can install hydraulic doors to close the doors automatically behind you. While sealing the doors and windows, you might detect spiders and bugs around the house, in which case, you might want to opt for spider removal to ensure you can spend the winter season in great comfort at home without having to worry about spiders and bugs.

Clear Out Unprotected Food

Have you ever woken up to find your kitchen countertops full of bugs? If yes, then this might have happened due to leftover food in the kitchen. To prevent this in the future, you must store all food in airtight Tupperware or containers to ensure that no food goes to waste.

Also, while storing unsealed foods, you will want to place them in the refrigerator to ensure the food doesn’t get attacked by bugs and ants. Wipe clean all surfaces where you might have prepared food. Also, wipe clean the table, chairs, and armrests where you might have accidentally left food crumbs.

You will want to wipe away the surface quickly. Also, instead of leaving the dishes in the sink overnight or for too long, you will want to do them quickly after use. Or, place them swiftly in the dishwasher after use. You get the point – unsealed food and dirty dishes are magnets for bugs.

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