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If you are interested in real estate, you might be curious to know about what a real estate attorney does and why you might need one. In addition to closing, a real estate attorney drafts real estate contracts. So, it is not just about drafting residential contracts but also commercial contracts.

Draft Leases

Real estate attorneys also draft leases and other documents, such as easements, to enable people to give someone else access to use their property or to gain access to use someone else’s property. A lot of time, real estate attorneys also help people resolve property disputes with their neighbors.

So, if people need someone to consult about all sorts of legal issues, they visit a real estate attorney to get answers to their questions. For instance, if you are confused about a legal issue, you might want to get in touch with a real estate lawyer Okemo vt, who will give you a clearer insight into the issues and help you figure out your path forward.

Create LLCs

Aside from the closing itself, the real estate lawyer does a lot of other things as well that are essentially part of real estate transactions, especially for commercial property. A lot of times, real estate lawyers help their clients with creating LLCs or other entities to hold property or transact business once the closing is completed.

Negotiate Zoning Ordinance

The real estate lawyers also have clients who might run into various zoning issues, or they might have trouble interpreting what the town will allow them to do with their property. So, these people go to their real estate lawyers, who in turn help them figure it out and interpret the zoning ordinance and negotiate with the town or whatever local governing authority it is so their clients can figure out how they can use their property in the future.

Re-Entitle Property

Another thing that real estate clients do is to help people re-entitle their property. Some people might get an investment property and might want to put it into an LLC, and a real estate attorney will help them do that by putting a deed from their names into their LLCs.

The same thing goes for trust. If someone gets a trust, their trust needs to own their property, which is where a real estate attorney comes in handy as the attorney helps them get their property into the trust.

There are also instances where someone might have bought property before they were married. After they get married, they might need to own the property as husband and wife, which is also where they can get legal help from a professional real estate attorney who can help them get the needful.

The real estate attorney will make a deed to ensure that the husband and wife or two spouses can own property together.

The Takeaway

So, you get the point – a real estate attorney can help with loads of things related to property, such as helping a company create an LLC once the closing is completed. A real estate attorney can help their clients with disputing any of their legal issues.

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