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What are the best ways to secure your home against burglars?

by Kaylee
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Did you know there is a home burglary in the US every 15 seconds?

Nearly half a million burglaries occur during the daytime each year, and many occur in neighborhoods.

Despite these statistics, most homeowners take very few precautions to keep their houses safe from invaders; this is something you never want to regret doing after the fact.

Fortunately, you can immediately increase your house’s security by taking several quick actions. We’ll go over some simple home security ideas in the following content.

1. Locked the doors

Please avoid supporting a thief who enters through the front door (34% of them do!). Check that the door frames on all of your external doors are sturdy, that the hinges are secure, and that, if your door has a mail slot, someone cannot reach through it to unlock the door.

Change the door locks if you’re moving into a place someone once called home.

In this manner, you can ensure that your locks are the best available and prevent strangers from having a key to your home.

Install a home alarm system.

The likelihood of a home burglary is 300% lower in homes equipped with alarm systems than in those without. The mere presence of an advertisement for your home security system on a lawn sign or window deters many potential house invaders.

The hefty price tag or ongoing maintenance required for an alarm system may put off some homeowners.

In actuality, though, there are lots of reasonably priced solutions available, and smartphone technology has made it possible to operate your alarm system from anywhere at any time effortlessly.

Purchase a home security camera

it’s common to locate an all-in-one home security system with cameras, or you may purchase them separately to add to the one you already have installed. Cameras can help you achieve justice and prevent intruders if you ever encounter a home robbery.

Home security camera footage is becoming increasingly common on social media, thanks to the rise in online shopping. However, this puts consumers in danger of being victims of “porch pirates,” who quickly take items right out of your front door.

A lot of homeowners also value the extra sense of security that home cameras may offer daily.

With the help of devices like the Ring and Google Nest Cam, homeowners can keep an eye on their house while they’re away and get a good view of who knocks on the front door before they open it.

Keep your valuables hidden.

Some thieves may scout out possible targets in advance to ensure they target homes where they can seize valuables.

Therefore, keeping your pricey possessions out of the sight of potential burglars is advisable. Close your garage door, for instance, and save valuable tools and motorcycles out of the way.

You should also avoid keeping expensive devices, wallets, jewelry, cash, and other high-value things in front of open windows.

Consider putting window treatments like blinds or curtains to block away prying eyes.

Fence for home security

Security fencing is one of the most popular alternatives for home defense among homeowners. The best option is a chain-link fence, sometimes called a wire mesh fence or a chain-wire fence.

If you want to install a fence at your home and are worried about it, don’t hesitate to access a fence-providing service center such as Residential Fence Contractor; they are experienced in designing and installing high-quality fences at home within a reasonable budget.

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