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What Happens If You Don’t Use A Packing Service

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There are a few things that you can avoid when you use a reputable removalist service. The first is that your belongings would be safe in transit. This is because unprofessional removalists may not take the necessary care to protect your belongings from bumps and scrapes. Additionally, your belongings will not be stolen or lost during the move if you use a reliable service. This is because unprofessional removalists are more likely to make mistakes when loading and unloading your belongings, which could lead to them getting lost or stolen. Finally, you save a lot of money when using a reliable service. This is because unprofessional removalists often charge hidden fees, which can add up quickly.

According to a recent study, the average person in Melbourne who attempts to move without hiring professional removals suffers several problems. These include:

– 23% of people who move with professional removals in Melbourne avoid getting injured; they had positive experiences only. This contrasts with 77% of residents who experienced unfortunate events by skipping the process of hiring reputable removalists.

– 50% of people who try to move without professional help end up damaging their belongings.

– 33% of people who try to move without professional help end up missing work due to injuries.

– 25% of people who try to move without removalists end up getting divorced or separated from their partner as a result of the stress of the move.

The Problem With Not Using a Packing Service

If you decide to do the packing yourself while travelling inter-city and by skipping the important aspect of hiring removalists, you will have to:

Pack every single item that is going into your move.

Unpack everything and re-pack it when you get to your new home.

Deal with all the frustration from trying to fit large items into small places and vice versa.

These tasks add up over time and can become very stressful for someone not used to packing things themselves.

Wrong Boxes

Selecting the right type of box is essential to ensure your belongings are well-protected during the move. For example, if you’re packing your books in a moving box, make sure it has plenty of space at the top and bottom so that when the box is packed full of books and other items, there will still be room for them to breathe (i.e., not crushed).

Lot of Time Spent

You may be tempted to think that this is a one-time thing. You will pack once, store it away and never have to do it again. If you don’t use a professional packing service, the items in your home will continue to collect dust and debris over time. This means that even though you may not be using them now, they still need to be packed and stored properly, so they don’t disintegrate when they come out of storage later on down the road.

Emotional Stress

You’re dealing with the emotional stress of leaving your home and saying goodbye to friends and family. You also have to worry about packing all your belongings and getting them shipped across state lines. This can be quite overwhelming for some people who don’t have a lot of experience handling significant moves on their own.

What is the best way to avoid this emotional stress? Use a professional intercity packing service; for example, if you are moving to or from Melbourne, choose reputable removals in Melbourne by enquiring about different services locally! You’ll be able to focus on settling into your new home instead of worrying about what goes where in boxes or how much weight those boxes will take up during the move (not to mention lugging those boxes from one side of town).


When you move, you’re the one lifting and carrying heavy boxes. You could cut yourself on the sharp edges of cardboard or injure your back while trying to lift a particularly heavy box. This can quickly happen if you don’t have the right equipment or are working with friends and family who don’t know how to help safely.

A professional moving company will have all the right tools and know how to use them properly, so they won’t end up with an injury like that!

The bottom line is that hiring a professional packing service will save time and stress. You can also save money by hiring a moving company that provides your service.

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